Defined Events covered under this Policy is all risks of mortality due to: fire; lightning; malicious damage; impact by road vehicles or rolling stock; diseases (excluding epidemics); snake bites; nonpolitical riot. Cover is extended to include intentional slaughter for humane reasons as directed by a licensed Veterinarian. 


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 The annual premium is worked at a rate of 3.5% of the sum insured of the insured livestock
 Premium can be paid on the following options;
- Monthly - Quarterly - Bi-Annually - Annually

terms and conditions

1)Accidental Electrocution

1)Death is instantaneous or within seven days of the happening of the accidental electrocution, death ensues
either naturally or by slaughter on humane grounds on a qualified veterinary surgeon’s written recommendation.

2)If the destruction or injury arises from the electricity consumer’s installation the insured shall immediately
disconnect the involved section of the installation from the electricity supply and shall keep the same disconnected until any faults to the installation has been remedied by a competent electrical engineer

3)If the destruction or injury arises from the electricity supply installations the insured shall immediately report
the happening to the supply authority


The Insurer agrees to compensate the Insured up to the sums insured or limits of liability or compensation
stated in the Schedule of Insurance for loss or death of insured livestock as a result of theft or attempted theft
provided that such theft or attempted theft is as a result of:-
i. visible forcible violent entry; or
ii. assault or violence or threat thereof to the Insured or any employee of the Insured


The Insurance Policy does not provide cover for any direct or indirect loss, injury to
insured animals as follows:
1. Confiscation or destruction of animals in compliance with the requirements of any Statute, order of
Government Department or Local Authority.
2. Destruction without the prior consent of the Insurer except for humane reasons as recommended by a
licensed veterinarian.
3. Unborn animals will not be covered until 6 months of age. i.e. no cover for foetuses.
4. Loss or death as a result inappropriate vaccination, dipping, neglect or the insured or any of persons in his
employ failing to follow good animal husbandry practices as per industry norms.
5. Injury or death as a result of livestock fighting amongst themselves.
6. Congenital or hereditary defects of whatsoever nature.
7. Death as a result of surgical procedure or medication except where it is performed by a Veterinary Surgeon
with the sole intention of attempting to save the life of the Insured animal.
8. Use of livestock for any other purpose not covered by this policy (Unless otherwise endorsed and agreed
by insurers).
9. Unfitness or incapacity from fulfilling the functions or duties for which the animals are kept for.
10. Loss, injury or destruction to any property belonging to the insured, his family, employees, agent or third
11. Consequential losses of whatsoever nature.
12. Epidemic diseases
13. Excluding any loss arising from mysterious disappearance, escape or voluntary parting of possession of
or title to the animal as a result of the insured, or others to whom the animal has been entrusted, being
induced by fraud, trickery or similar false pretences.
14. Unfitness or incapacity of the livestock
15. Willful act or willful negligence of the insured or his representative.
16. Any legal liability of whatsoever nature.
17. Any claims if premium has not been paid.
18. Excluding death/mortality or injury arising from the actions of wild/domestic animals
19. Excluding transit risks except where insurers have been notified prior to transit taking place and insurers
have agreed to such transit(s) by way of endorsement.
20. Excluding calving losses.


Insurers will pay for loss or death of the livestock insured under this Policy on the following basis:

1. The Policy on the insured perils must be in force, and all premiums due from the Insured to the Insurer
must be up to date.

2. In all instances, a Veterinary Surgeon appointed by either the Insured or the Insurer shall investigate and
certify the cause of loss.

3. The basis of indemnity shall be the agreed insured value per animal minus the applicable deductibles.