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This is a unique low cost health insurance plan that will give the insured person(s) and/or their dependents the opportunity to access comprehensive medical services at selected facilities. No
medical examinations required.  With this Basic Healthcare Cover, the member(s) can access services offered at various institutions
including mainly Government Hospitals & Clinics, Municipal (Council) Clinics, Mission Hospitals and Rapha Medical Centres




Child(0-17 yrs)- $3.50/Month , Adult(18-60 yrs)- $5.75/Month
Pensioner(over 60 yrs)- $7.50/Month 

  • $4500.00
  • Hospitalization (Admissions)-- 100% of public hospitals tariff in general
  • Blood Transfusion (transfer of blood into the bloodstream)-- 100% Cover
  • Emergency Rooms (ER) Services --Accessed in Government facilities only
  • Oncology (Cancer Treatment)-- 70% 
  • Specialist (Doctor for specific conditions) --Accessed in public hospitals only 
  • GPs (doctor for all conditions who then refers for further treatment) --Accessed in public hospitals only 
  • Radiology (X-rays) Accessed in public hospitals only
  • Pathology (Blood tests)-- Accessed in public hospitals only 
  • Maternity Benefit (Antenatal, Post Natal, Maternity Hospital, Maternity Normal Delivery) Covered 100% at public hospitals only 
  • Surgical Procedures (all operations done on the body) -- Accessed in public hospitals only 
  • Physiotherapy (exercises to improve mobility)-- Accessed in public hospitals only 
  • Prosthesis (devices used to improve or replace function of a body part) --Accessed in public hospitals only 
  • Optical (glasses) US$130 Every two (2) years -- accessed in public institutions only 
  • Psychiatry (mental illness) --Covered 100% at public hospitals 
  • Prescription Medicines (medicine written by Doctor for the patient) Paid according to drug category at
    Government hospitals.
    Limited to US$100 at private pharmacies. 
  • Dental – excludes periodic & orthodontic (all teeth treatment)-- US$200 Accessed in public hospitals only 
  • Ambulance --Per Government ambulance rates

terms and conditions


Age Limits: 18 years to 65 years
No waiting period for accidents
3 months waiting period for illness;
9 months waiting period for maternity related cases
12 months waiting period for pre-existing health conditions


If the ‘term’ the insured person is conclusively diagnosed as having a terminal illness which, in our
opinion, will result in death within twelve (12) months regardless of any treatment which may be
undertaken, the policy will pay the full death benefit.


-Policy will not pay a claim if death or disability occurs during the specified waiting periods .
-If death or disability is a direct or indirect result of any injury or illness which is intentionally self inflicted or caused by suicide or a suicide attempt (whether the insured person is sane or insane) .
-Policy will not pay if in our opinion death or disability is a direct or indirect result of:
- the insured person engaging in conduct which constitutes a criminal offense; or
the insured person is committing any materially unlawful act, or being involved in any riot,
insurrection, war (whether declared or not declared), or any act incidental to, or arising from such
occurrence; or
- the consumption of alcohol or the taking of poisons or drugs or the application of medications
except where taken as directed by a Registered Medical Practitioner; or
- a critical health condition which the insured person knew or suspected to exist and which has was not disclosed in writing at the time the policy was applied for